Population Health & Environment Toolkit

Welcome to the Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Toolkit. The PHE Toolkit Content Management team constructed this Toolkit in consultation with PHE collaborating partners, based in the US and in Africa and Asia. The overall structure or taxonomy of the toolkit was constructed using analyses of the existing set of PHE knowledge and resources and based on input from the PHE community on categories of resources that PHE professionals need.

The intended audience is practitioners, program managers and health, conservation and development professionals interested in projects and policies that integrate community development activities with a focus on environment and health interventions. These integrated approaches may include components such as family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH), basic health services, education and outreach, sustainable livelihoods, coastal and natural resources management and biodiversity conservation.

We want to support educators and reach other interested audiences such as secondary school and university students as well as adults and have created a space for educators under "Capacity Building and field-based Resources/Tools”. This collection of resources will be expanded in the coming months, and we encourage contributions from visitors to this site.

With your help, over time this Toolkit will hopefully evolve to meet the needs of policymakers, program managers and field implementers worldwide. We invite you to contribute by suggesting resources on PHE to include in this Toolkit.  Use the feedback form for these suggestions and any comments on this site.

To browse the contents of the Toolkit, use the navigation to view key program topics.


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Toolkit last updated: August 12, 2015