Peace Corps - HIV/AIDS

Welcome to the HIV/AIDS Toolkit.

Peace Corps health specialists are pleased to present this toolkit for the use of Volunteers and Staff. In addition, a Peace Corps written annotated bibliography for easy access to state of the art HIV/AIDS related information and training materials is located here. To browse the content of this toolkit, use the navigation on the right to view key HIV program.



These resources include manuals, tools, and lesson plans to educate youth, communities, workplace managers, traditional healers, and health care workers about HIV/AIDS. Resources for work in Counseling and Testing as well as Stigma reduction are also included.

Care and Support

Targeted toward nurses, midwives, and health care workers, these resources outline strategies and techniques for care and treatment services, counseling and testing, nutrition and maternal health, and establishing referral networks in low resource settings.


These resources are primarily related to guidance and support in the area of Antiretroviral (ART) program activities, and client adherence to the treatment protocol.

Tuberculosis and other HIV-related areas

The focus of this technical information is on TB care, treatment, prevention and control. It also reflects the growth and significance of TB control partnerships, the evolution of TB control strategies and an increase in the spectrum of TB control activities.

Monitoring and Evaluation

These monitoring and evaluation tools include participatory assessments and self-assessments to engage communities and health professionals. They are essential for grassroots development health strategy design and help mobilize communities to HIV/AIDS issues.

We invite you to contribute by suggesting resources to include and posting your comments through the feedback form.

Toolkit last updated: September 03, 2014