Peace Corps - Social and Behavior Change

Welcome to the Peace Corps Social and Behavior Change Toolkit, your one-stop source for useful and relevant SBC information. We welcome and encourage utilization of the toolkit by Peace Corps Volunteers and staff globally. We have designed this toolkit so we can share Peace Corps developed resources both globally and regionally. Furthermore, we have selected, and will continue to expand our selection of resources from partner agencies that we think are most appropriate for staff and Volunteers. 

Improved social and behavior change tools and strategies are high priority community needs in the majority of Volunteer communities. The resources in this toolkit are intended for all Volunteers engaged in social and behavior change activities, a large proportion of whom may have other primary assignment activities, and whose social and behavior change activities are part of their community service (“secondary”) activities.


As with any other type of successful community activity, you, the Volunteer, should involve communities in your efforts, including a range of stakeholders throughout project planning and implementation. If you expect that this activity may include facilitation of provision of technology or infrastructure, or may occupy a significant portion of your time, you should be sure to be well informed and to identify at least one technical expert who you and your community can consult with along the way.


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Resources Description

These resources are geared towards assisting Volunteers to incorporate BCC strategies in health promotion activities. It is clear that knowledge alone is not always enough to get individuals and households to adopt good health practices and care-seeking behavior. The materials included are expected to provide guidance and support to PCV efforts to encourage sustainable change and improved health.  

The materials in this section are useful to virtually all Volunteers and can be adapted to different sectors as needed.  Community mobilization is a critical aspect of all development work in that when done well, it can result in an enabling environment including the creation of community champions, support groups etc, who facilitate and support positive change.  

We also invite you to contribute by suggesting resources to include and posting your comments through the feedback form.

Toolkit last updated: October 10, 2012