Respectful Maternity Care

Abuse of women in maternity care and disrespect toward them has been documented globally.[i] This presents a barrier to accessing skilled care and constitutes a disregard for human rights, causing women to suffer during a vulnerable time. In some cases, providers may not know that their practices are disrespectful; in other cases, they may recognize it, but lack a clear way to address it.

NGOs can promote and support respectful maternity care (RMC) in several ways, including training, monitoring, and advocacy activities. MCHIP’s Respectful Maternity Care Toolkit describes RMC as a pervasive attitude, rather than a checklist or intervention. The tool kit provides program-learning documents that describe experiences with RMC, training materials for a clinician workshop, advocacy materials, tools, and indicators to monitor RMC, job aids for health care providers, and other resources. 

Key Resources for Respectful Care:

[i] MCHIP, 2013. User’s Guide, Respectful Maternity Care Toolkit.