Towards the Development of an mHealth Strategy: A Literature Review

Based on a review of peer-reviewed literature, program evaluation and industry reports, and grey literature, as well as communication with a broad range of stakeholders, this document (1) provides an overview of mHealth as a domain within eHealth and key strategic learning that ought to be applied to the formal integration of mobile technologies within the health sector; (2) reviews health-related applications associated with mobile technologies; (3) explores how various technologies are being used to achieve health objectives, (4) documents key leaders and partnerships that have emerged to test and expand mHealth in low and middle income countries; (5) provides critical considerations based on early mHealth  initiatives and research; and (6) povides key recommendations for next steps in the area of mHealth.

How it helps with planning: Provides a comprehensive account of the state of mHealth in 2008, including preliminary implementation lessons learned and challenges (many of which are still relevant today).

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62 pp
World Health Organization, The Millennium Villages Project at The Earth Institute at Columbia University
Mecheal P, Sloninsky D