Testing the Content


Content testing with members of the target population is critical to solution development. Test the content to ensure it is comprehensible, appropriate, accessible, and effective for the intended users. You do not have to test the content with a large sample size—in fact, to begin, interview 5 or 10 individuals, make changes based on feedback, and repeat the process until it is evident that the content is clear and effective.  

Here are tips for the content testing phase:

  • Test all of the messages or content, one section at a time, in the intended sequence and format. It is ideal if the content can be tested in the anticipated delivery format, such as voice or SMS, to accurately reflect the user experience.
  • Ask a number of probing questions to assess the user’s ability to understand, remember, and/or react to the message, video, survey prompt, etc. If appropriate, ask, “What is this message asking you to do?” to capture comprehension. Consider using a “think aloud” approach, during which you ask participants to narrate what they are thinking when they see the content.
  • Observe the participant’s verbal and non-verbal cues, noting moments of confusion or pause as well as ease.
  • Ask the user how easy or difficult they find the messages.
  • Explore reactions to, and preferences for, content length, tone, frequency, and the messenger.
  • Ask for suggestions for word choice, keywords, or visuals for multimedia messages.