Included here are key mHealth articles, case studies, frameworks, reports, briefs, research syntheses, and other materials for mHealth planning. These resources outline strategies for designing and implementing successful mHealth programs, and many of these publications share program results and document important lessons learned. 

Click on the Publications Matrix image to view the full list of publications included in this section. Documents are ordered alphabetically by publication year. To help you navigate the list, we included a brief summary of "why it helps with planning" for each publication and also indicated keywords that align with the topics covered throughout the Guide. To access a document, click on the hyperlinked titles within the matrix, or browse the resource list below by scrolling down this page and clicking on the resource record(s) of interest. We have referenced many of these publications throughout the contents of the Guide as well. 

This collection represents a comprehensive and vetted compilation of publications that are relevant for mHealth program planning, but note that it does not include every mHealth publication that exists. If you have a feedback about the Publications Matrix or would like to suggest an essential publication for inclusion, please share your input using the feedback form.