Private Sector Partnerships

© 2009 Jordan Health Communication Partnership/JHUCCP, Courtesy of PhotoshareParticipants at the 2012 mHealth Summit offered the following recommendations for working with the private sector—particularly with telecommunications companies.

  • Request data from telecommunications companies, but in return, provide the analyzed data back to them to inform them about their customers.
  • Make cIear to mobile operators how their involvement in an mHealth project can expand their market share, improve their services, and generate revenue from their data. For example, mobile transactions including mobile money and flashback calls can be used by credit bureaus as a proxy for income.
  • Consider the combination of mobile health and mobile money as a sustainability model. Mobile money might help create an avenue for more cash transactions around health.


“Initially there was a lot of talk about approaching social outreach departments in telecoms. But I don’t think that’s right. The right place to go is more the business side, the enterprise solutions folks. The mobile operator wants to get something out of this: additional customers, more revenue per user. If you can approach your mHealth project like a business and you bring that to the mobile operator, they will be more receptive to working with you." – James Bon Tempo, CCP (with Jhpiego at the time of the interview)