Preparing for Launch

© 2013 Shusmita Khan/Eminence, Courtesy of PhotoshareAs you prepare to launch your mHealth solution, there are a number of details to consider during the initial roll-out of the program. For example:

  • Planning a beta launch before the actual large-scale launch of the mHealth program might help to identify and resolve any remaining issues (such as technology bugs, process improvements, and staff roles) before the program is released to the wider public.
  • Exploring avenues for demand generation to ensure you have a group of people ready and willing to be participants.
  • Planning and conducting a series of trainings to prepare those who will be implementing, supporting, and using the mHealth solution.

The MAMA Bangladesh (Aponjon) Formative Research Report details the process followed by Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative and Dnet to understand (1) effective strategies for Aponjon enrollment, (2) effective strategies for promoting awareness about Aponjon services, (3) acceptable cost models per the subscriber-base, (4) user satisfaction with the technology platform and message content, and (5) Aponjon's influence on health-seeking behaviors. The process followed and the subsequent results illustrate the importance of testing avenues for roll-out to inform large-scale program implementation. 

The following pages discuss these three elements of a successful launch in detail.



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