Mobile Technology Landscape


Note: To conduct this research, refer to information made available through the GSMA and your country’s telecom regulatory authority, in addition to other sources.

  • What is the mobile phone market penetration in the country/region? Break this down by urban/rural, male/female, basic phone/smartphone, and carrier/platform use. How is this projected to change over time?
  • Who are the key players in the mobile industry, including mobile network operators (MNOs) and telecoms, aggregators, handset manufacturers, and others? Who are the market leaders and why?
  • What are the current mobile market trends and drivers (for example, short messaging service (SMS), big data, Internet)?
  • Explore current mobile industry regulations, policies, and upcoming changes. Do any pose a challenge or advantage to the proposed mHealth solution?
  • What is the average monthly mobile phone expense for the proposed target population? What is the average total cost of mobile phone ownership for an individual, and is it decreasing, increasing, or staying the same? What telecom market advances are driving the cost structure for users (for example, network coverage by the MNOs)?
  • What are typical use cases? How do customers use mobile phone services?