mHealth Landscape


  • Are there similar or complementary mHealth solutions that exist, either in your country or elsewhere? What mHealth solutions already exist in the country, particularly in the geographic location you would like to target? (To find out this information, refer to Project Repositories, connect with others on mHealth Listservs, and search through Publications for case studies.)
  • How might you adopt or adapt what has already been done?
  • What applicable technological platforms or open source tools are available? What, if anything, will need to be developed from the ground up?
  • What is the local technological capacity to support the development, maintenance, and potential growth of the mHealth project? What technology partners (for example, reputable consultants or technology companies) are in the country, and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are the national policies regarding mHealth, if any, where the solution will be implemented? Are there current discussions underway to develop a national plan?
  • How might existing or developing policies present challenges or advantages to the project?
  • If the government is planning for interoperability of systems, explore its system specifications and considerations for integration. (You might need a technology expert to help with this.)
  • Who are the players in the mHealth space [project implementers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), technology partners, MNOs, ministry of health (MOH) officials, policy makers, funders]? Whose support or buy-in would be helpful to you?  (Partnership development is covered in greater detail later in this Guide.)