Demand Generation

© 2013 Valerie Caldas/ Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, Courtesy of PhotoshareDemand generation is about ensuring that you have a group of people ready and willing to be participants in your mHealth program. This entails raising awareness, interest, and understanding of the product and its potential benefits. Involving stakeholders, including beneficiaries of the mHealth solution, from the beginning of the planning stages and throughout the implementation process is crucial and can foster buy-in among community-members and end users by ensuring the solution has been tailored to their needs and context. 

Early involvement of stakeholders, including program beneficiaries, can also help the planning and implementation team ensure incentives of participation are clear to all who are being asked to implement or use the mHealth application. The m4RH web site describes the project’s diverse promotional efforts and shares lessons learned.

Finally, when a range of stakeholders are involved in the development and implementation of the intervention from the beginning, champions often emerge—trusted and persuasive members of a community who can effectively communicate the benefits of the program to their peers. In the period leading up to launch, champions can assist with social marketing—educating their sphere of influence about how the solution can address their needs and creating opportunities for discussion. This kind of open communication can mobilize both the implementation team and the end users around the program.

One resource, The GSMA mWomen Marketing Handbook, offers guidance to mobile network operators and other members of the mobile ecosystem to improve their approach to marketing to low-income women in emerging markets.


  • How will potential end users find out about the mHealth solution? How will you test these awareness generation activities? What is the anticipated rate of conversion to use after awareness generation activities are conducted?
  • Who, if any, among your stakeholders are potential champions who can engage in awareness generation for the mHealth solution to implementers and end users?
  • What are the incentives and benefits to those implementing the mHealth solution?
  • What are the incentives and benefits to the end users of the mHealth solution?