Capacity Needs

Should you develop the mHealth solution in-house—or find a technology firm or expert to help?

When it comes to mHealth technology design and development, some organizations choose to work with an external technology partner while others are able to handle development in-house. Consider these points when making your decision.

  • If developing the technology internally—Some organizations decide to invest time and resources to develop the staff capacity to develop and deploy mHealth solutions. Often an organization sees this investment as a strategic opportunity to expand on its core competencies. If your organization needs to strengthen its technology capacity, some options include: hiring staff with appropriate technology experience, funding professional development for current staff, or hiring a short-term consultant to train existing staff.
  • If working with local developers—Technology capacity varies by country. You might be able to find a small team of local developers willing to take on the work for a reasonable price, but ensure that they can comply with your scalability and interoperability specifications.
  • If working with a global technology partner—Some technology partners have a multi-country presence, which is appealing for projects that are intended to expand to multiple countries.

A common way to solicit possible vendors is through a competitive bidding process, through which your organization would develop and post a request for proposals (RFP). Tech Soup provides detailed guidance on the RFP process, including sample RFPs and tips on vendor management.