The Asian Development Bank-3ie Video Lecture Series

This video Lecture Series is a primer on impact evaluation for those wanting to learn the basics. If you are a programme implementer, a policymaker or a student looking to learn about how evaluation scan generate rigorous evidence on the impact of development interventions, then this lecture series is for you. No prior knowledge is required. The impact evaluation and systematic review experts in these series use plain language and graphics to explain technical concepts. By drawing from several case studies, they illustrate how rigorous methods are used to assess the impact of development programmes in multiple sectors.


The lectures in the series focus not just on the generation of evidence but also the use of research findings to inform policies and programmes.The first six video lectures cover the core concepts in impact evaluations and systematic reviews. Lectures 7-15 explore how impact evaluation methods can be applied to development programmes in particular sectors including: infrastructure, health, humanitarian relief assistance, governance, climate change, agriculture, education, social protection and microfinance.

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