Community Dialogues as a Method to Discuss and Reduce Multiple Concurrent Partnerships in Lesotho

In January 2009,  C‐Change launched a community‐based, outreach program in Lesotho intended to supplement the OneLove campaign with a radio talk show, billboards, and additional pamphlets and radio PSAs. The outreach program focused on promoting open dialog about HIV and concurrency, while educating and mobilizing communities to implement further interventions to lower concurrency prevalence. A qualitative evaluation of the outreach program and community dialog that was part of that program is reported on here. The study gathered and analyzed the perspectives of participants in five districts in Lesotho to assess whether the dialogs had been effective in improving communication on concurrency (or multiple concurrent partnerships) and on cross‐generational and transactional sex, and whether there had been a positive effect—or potential effect—in reducing these HIV risk behaviors.

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