Male Circumcision Emergency Calls Algorithm

EPR (Emergency Preparedness Response) is the national emergency line for Swaziland. It is a toll free line intended for any male circumcision clients with follow-up medical emergencies or adverse events. The phone number 977 is answered by trained paramedics. These paramedics have also been trained and sensitized to voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC). The 977 line appears on all IEC and collateral materials for Soka Uncobe. Through reporting, it was discovered that the line is used for a secondary purpose, as an information link to services. Paramedics use the below algorithm to filter calls to medical professionals when needed, and also link potential clients to services for VMMC. They are trained in the myths and misconceptions, barriers and challenges around VMMC in order to answer questions that commonly arise from potential clients in the community.


Soka Uncobe