Malawi Young People and Reproductive Health Toolkit

Welcome to the Young People and Reproductive Health Toolkit for Malawi—your one-stop source for information and resources on issues surrounding young people in reproductive health, developed by the Malawi Reproductive Health (RH) Toolkit Taskforce.

This toolkit provides resources for developing Youth-Friendly Health Services (YFHS).  It also includes information packaged to help spread awareness of reproductive health issues among young people, with emphasis on reducing HIV transmission among young people. In addition, it includes documents that summarize the risks associated with early marriages and suggestions for how the age at entry into marriage can be increased.

The intended audiences are practitioners, program managers and health professionals interested in helping to educate youth about the importance of reproductive health, or interested in strengthening health systems to address the needs of adolescents.

We invite you to contribute by suggesting resources to include in the toolkit and by posting your comments and through the feedback form. You may also be interested in other toolkits developed by the Malawi RH Toolkit Taskforce. Please also visit the Malawi Maternal and Neonatal Health Toolkit and the Malawi Family Planning Toolkit.

Toolkit last updated: October 12, 2012

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