Welcome to the research section of the Malawi HIV and AIDS Toolkit.  The Government of Malawi recognizes the relevance of research in HIV and AIDS to inform the design, programming and impact of HIV and AIDS Interventions.  Various information sharing mechanisms exist at all levels.  At the national level the Annual Research and Best Practices Dissemination Conference acts as a significant forum for sharing HIV and AIDS research findings as well as other best practices information.

This section includes documents on various research studies on HIV and AIDS conducted in Malawi to inform the best practice.  Specific documents include Surveillance Surveys, National HIV and AIDS Best Practices Conference Reports, National HIV and AIDS Research Strategy, Demographic and Health Surveys, Malawi Prevalence studies, Male Circumcision Analysis Report, and Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys.

If you have any suggested resources or want to post a comment or question, please contact the HIV and AIDS toolkit task force through the toolkit feedback form.  You can also visit other Malawi HIV and AIDS websites, i.e. National AIDS Commission, HIV and AIDS Unit, or Malawi Bridge Project.