Planning and Resource Mobilization

Welcome to the Planning and Resource Mobilization section of the HIV and AIDS toolkit. The Government of Malawi recognizes that implementing various interventions in HIV and AIDS requires adequate resources in terms of Human Resources and Finance and Infrastructure.  Apart from the Malawi Government’s contribution towards various HIV and AIDS Programmes, different partners such as The Global Fund, USAID, PEPFAR, UNAIDS, WHO, UNICEF and others make substantial contributions towards HIV and AIDS programmes.
Photo courtesy of Community Based Family Planning and HIV Services Project
This section includes documents on various operational procedures for HIV and AIDS resource mobilization in Malawi. Leadership in development of these documents has been taken by the Department of National AIDS Commission. The resources include: NAC Grants Operational Manual, Expression of Interest for Grant Support, Expression of Interest for IGA Activity Assessment Reports, Grants Facility Procurement Guidelines, NAC Grant Facility Framework Document, and NAC Procurement Manual.
If you have any suggested resources or want to post a comment or question?  Please contact the HIV and AIDS toolkit task force through the toolkit feedback form. You can also visit other Malawi HIV and AIDS websites i.e. National AIDS Commission, HIV and AIDS Unit, Malawi Bridge Project.