Monitoring and Evaluation

Malawi HIV and AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation are key components of the "3 Ones" principle that guides the national HIV response. The "3 Ones" principle encourages One Coordinating Body, One National Strategy, and One Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.

This section includes various documents such as the Malawi National Monitoring and Evaluation plans, and reports of projections and progress of various HIV and AIDS responses. Specific resources available here: Status of the national response, Malawi HIV and AIDS M&E Reports, Malawi HIV and AIDS M&E plans, Media Monitoring reports, Sentinel Surveillance reports, HIV Prevalence estimates and Projections, United Nations General Assembly Special Session reports. 

If you have any suggested resources or want to post a comment or question please contact the HIV and AIDS toolkit task force through the toolkit feedback form. You can also visit other Malawi HIV and AIDS websites i.e. National AIDS Commission, HIV and AIDS Unit, Malawi Bridge Project.