Gender, Culture and Human Rights

Welcome to the Gender, Culture and Human Rights section of the Malawi HIV and AIDS Toolkit. The National HIV prevention strategy for Malawi identifies Gender, Culture and Human Rights as one of the cross cutting issues that influence HIV transmission. Several interventions have been designed to identify and modify harmful cultural practices. Additionally, Gender and Human rights issues have been mainstreamed in almost all HIV and AIDS interventions such as HIV Testing and Counseling, and Anti-retroviral Treatment.

This section includes documents with guidelines and strategies to deal with various harmful cultural practices that promote the spread of HIV and AIDS i.e. specific documents include those on Gender, Culture and Human Rights. This section also includes the African Transformation Toolkit developed by JHUCCP through the BRIDGE project.

If you have any suggested resources or want to post a comment or question please contact the HIV and AIDS toolkit task force through the toolkit feedback form. You can also visit other Malawi HIV and AIDS websites i.e. National AIDS Commission, HIV and AIDS Unit, Malawi Bridge Project.