General Management

Good management is the glue that holds an organization together, contributes to a positive work climate, and supports high-quality services, thus helping bring an organization’s vision to life.

  • A well-managed organization has a strong yet flexible structure and accountable, transparent governance practices (institutional sustainability). Its structure and good governance allows it to respond to the shifting priorities of its supporters and to new responsibilities toward its clients, while creating a positive work environment for its staff.
  • A well-managed organization draws on various sources of revenue, allowing it to support its ongoing efforts and to undertake new initiatives (financial sustainability).
  • A well-managed organization delivers products and services that respond to its clients’ needs and anticipates new areas of need (programmatic sustainability). Its success enables it to expand its client base.

Even well-managed, successful organizations must constantly reassess and adapt their management practices as new demands arise and environments change. An organization’s leaders play a critical role in fostering a climate of continuous assessment and improvement.

(Taken from Management Sciences for Health. Management and Organizational Sustainability Tool: A Guide for Users and Facilitators. 2nd ed. Cambridge, MA: Management Sciences for Health, 2004.)

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