Leadership and Management Toolkit

Welcome to the Leadership and Management Toolkit, your source for reliable and relevant information about leadership and management in health!

All over the world, people working in health face numerous and complex challenges in order to produce results and provide care. Health sector reform, changing donor priorities, shifting client needs, and new technologies require that managers at all levels play a primary role in meeting the needs of their organization and clients. Through improved leadership and management, people working in public, private, and nongovernmental organizations can face these challenges with more confidence and lead their teams to effect significant changes in health.

The resources in this toolkit were carefully selected to eliminate the need to conduct extensive searches on multiple sites. Health policy makers, program managers, service providers, information officers, and others will find valuable resources on this site. The toolkit provides evidence-based guidance and tools to update, expand, or develop leadership and management skills in health managers and service provision programs.

To browse the content of this toolkit, use the tabs above. The toolkit is organized to align with the World Health Organization's (WHO) health system strengthening building blocks: 

  1. Leadership and Governance
  2. Human Resources
  3. Financing (Financial Management)
  4. Medicines, Vaccines, and Technologies (Logistics and Pharmaceuticals)
  5. Information (Monitoring and Evaluation)
  6. Service Delivery and demand

We've also included a section on General Management.

All six components must work together to deliver health services effectively and efficiently. The exact contribution of each building block to health outcomes depends on the problem being addressed and the services that need to be delivered by the health system and used by clients.  

With your help, we expect and hope this toolkit will evolve over time to further meet the needs of a changing world. As with all toolkits hosted on the K4Health platform, we invite you to contribute your suggested resources or comments through the feedback form or by emailing toolkits@k4health.org

Toolkit last updated: January 05, 2015