Useful Technology for KM Practitioners

Technology is a major component of KM (along with people/culture and process). When selected carefully, it can successfully enable the transfer and exchange of knowledge, particularly when implemented as part of a larger KM initiative.

Deciding on the most appropriate platform, software, or other mechanism can be difficult, though, especially considering the constantly evolving nature of technology. With this in mind, the Global Health Knowledge Collaborative (GHKC) developed a guide to assist KM practitioners as they choose technology tools for use in their work.

For easy browsing, this guide has been divided into sixteen categories (see the tabs on the right). Whether you are looking to strengthen internal communication, promote a project through social media, develop an online course, or conduct an online survey, this guide provides pros/cons, cost information, and an overview of each tool's potential use in KM. This information will help you select suitable technology that can be used to share knowledge, collaborate virtually, communicate with audiences, and ultimately help ensure that the overall goals of a KM project are met.

If you have feedback about any of these items, please let us know.