World Plan of Action and Health Strategy Approved at Population Conferences

An account of the principles and policies adopted at the World Population Conference (Bucharest, August 19-30, 1974) and at the conference on The Physician and Population Change (Stockholm, September 4-6, 1974) is presented.   The Plan of Action that emerged from the Bucharest conference called for increased socioeconomic development and decreased fertility, improvement in the status of women, better health care services research and training, and increased  international support for all population related activities.  At the Stockholm conference, the participants agreed that physicians should be more active in promoting better health care for the entire community, that auxiliary medical personnel should be more fully utilized to make existing services more  accessible to the community, and that family planning services must be incorporated into existing health services and also extended to rural populations.  The World Population Plan of Action is summarized and the text of the Strategy for Action issued at the Stockholm conference is presented.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,Center for Communication Programs,Population Information Program