Norplant at a Glance

 Norplant is a set of contraceptive implants-six capsules filled with levonorgestrel, one of the hormones most widely used in birth control pills. The capsules do not contain estrogen. A specially trained health care provider places the capsules just under the skin in a woman's upper arm and later also removes them. Insertion and removal are minor surgical procedures done under local anesthetic. No stitches are needed. Various Women Might Choose Norplant: women who do not want a child for several years but may want a child later; women who do not want any more children but do not want sterilization; women who can accept changes in menstrual bleeding patterns; women who want nothing to remember daily or before sexual relations; and women who are troubled by estrogen side effects of pills.  

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,Center for Communication Programs,Population Information Program