IUDs-- An Update

Current generation IUDs offer almost complete protection from pregnancy.  Some models are effective longer than any other reversible family planning method and when correctly inserted, are safe for women at low risk of sexually transmitted disease.  Since IUDs prevent pregnancy so effectively, they save many lives.  This paper is divided into sections on the following topics: long-term IUD effectiveness, the clearer understanding of the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease associated with IUD use, the provider's crucial role, the background of IUDs, IUD performance, how IUDs prevent pregnancy, the lifespan of copper IUDs, IUD insertion, procedures for providing IUDs, removal, infection, the characteristics and distribution of widely used IUDs, infection prevention for IUD insertion and removal, clinical signs of genital infections, worldwide use, IUDs in family planning programs, important information about the TCu-380A IUD, the GATHER approach to counseling about IUDs, and the World Health Organization Scientific Group's updated eligibility guidelines for copper IUDs. 

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,Center for Communication Programs,The INFO Project