Guide to Equipment Selection for M/F Sterilization Procedures

 This is a guide to aid in selecting and maintaining the proper equipment used in the following sterilization procedures: 1) minilaparotomy, 2) laparoscopy, 3) conventional laparotomy, 4) colpotomy, 5) culdoscopy, and 6) vasectomy.  Prototype, experimental, or infrequently used instruments are not discussed.  Colpotomy, minilaparotomy, and conventional vasectomy are low-technology procedures requiring relatively simple, locally produced instruments, e.g., retractors, forceps, and scalpels.  High-technology equipment consists of specialized items, e.g., laparoscopes and culdoscopes.  These are produced in a limited number of technically advanced countries.  Equipment donor agencies are discussed.  The following factors must be considered in selecting equipment: 1) suitability for the intended procedures, 2) quality of the instrument, 3) ease of repair, and 4) initial cost.  Each type of equipment is pictured, diagrammed, described, and charted against others of its kind.  Maintenance and repair guidelines are provided.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,Center for Communication Programs,Population Information Program