Focus On... Improving Hormonal Method Continuation: A digest of key resources

This edition of Focus on... briefly reviews studies on hormonal method continuation, focusing on oral contraceptives (OCs) and injectable contraceptives and the issues most relevant to service delivery. It emphasizes program strategies that either have proved successful in improving hormonal method continuation or appear promising based on initial evidence. While most of the studies reported are recent, a few key studies date back more than a decade, reflecting that hormonal method continuation is an established research topic. Also, while the studies generally focus on short-acting hormonal methods -- OCs and injectable contraceptives -- some studies also include other methods. The focus on short-acting hormonal methods reflects the fact that they are the most popular birth-spacing methods in the developing world and that their discontinuation rates are much higher than those for longer-acting hormonal methods such as contraceptive implants.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,Center for Communication Programs,The INFO Project