Family Planning Choices for Women with HIV

 With access to family planning services, supportive care, and the information needed to make good choices, women with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), including women with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), in many cases can lead healthy sexual and reproductive lives. Like all other women, women with HIV have the right to make their own decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Health care programs and providers can help women with HIV and their partners make and carry out informed reproductive health decisions. Women with HIV who decide to prevent or delay pregnancy can safely use almost any family planning method. Preventing unintended pregnancies among women with HIV is an important and cost-effective way to avoid the birth of HIV-infected infants. For those who are considering having children, providers can help them weigh the risks and consider the responsibilities. For clients with HIV who want children now, providers can help them minimize the risk of transmitting the virus to their partners or to the infant.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,Center for Communication Programs,The INFO Project