Fundamentals of HRH

A group of young people in Ethiopia brainstorm about actions to curb the scourge of HIV/AIDS in Africa. © 2011 DuncanMoeketse/ICASA2011, Courtesy of PhotoshareFundamentals of HRH represents a brief overview of the major issues in Human Resources in Health (HRH). This page serves as a quick one stop for health professionals who would like to learn about the shortage of health workers and the multiple dimensions of solutions: management, planning, and finance. Each major theme within HRH includes two to four resources covering the current situation in the HRH shortage and persistent challenges in HRH production, recruitment and retention. You may refer to the list of the subjects in the eToolkit (see links on the left of the page) for a more in-depth treatment of a particular area.The Extent of the HRH Shortage in Africa: A Brief Introduction

Basic Public Finance

Projections of HRH Needs and Scale-Up of Worker Production

The Hiring Process & Potential Bottlenecks

The Push & Pull Factors of Attrition Plus Non-Financial Incentives

Management Skills

Human Resources (for Health) Information Systems - HRIS (hardware, software, and training needs)

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of HRH