Scoping Tool

The U.S. Global Health Initiative has developed a tool for integration titled 'The Integration Scoping Tool', which you can find here.  This comprehensive guide can be used in any exercise that seeks to better understand the extent of integration efforts in a given country.  Tables 1-4 are exploratory as they conquer 5 questions regarding integration. 

  1. 'To what extent is a supportive policy environment in place to foster integration?'  
  2. 'To what extent are programs being consolidated to achieve better outcomes at lower cost?'
  3. 'To what extent are health system support strategies being managed to support integrated service delivery for health promoting behavior in the home?'
  4. 'To what extent have facility-based services and community-based services been integrated expand access, improve quality, lower costs and respond to clients needs?'
  5. 'To what extent are families adopting healthy behaviors to safeguard their well-being and improve their quality of life?'

Many factors, such as country ownership, benefits and costs, potential for adaptation, feasibility, and operational challenges must be considered when using this as a guide.  Also remember that not all elements in the tool are relevant or appropriate for all settings.  The tool has three elements to it:

  • An overarching question for each of five functional domains (policy, program/organization, system support strategies, services, and health promoting behaviors)
  • A series of features or characteristics for each functional domain
  • A determination of the extent to which the function is present: fully, partially, or not at all