Maternal and Child Health

Maternal and child health can be called another 'big issue' in the global health world, along with family planning and reproductive health, gender inequality, etc.  One of the best examples of maternal and child health integration comes from the USAID supported 'Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program' (MCHIP), integrated with malaria treatment and prevention.  Its goals is to support a reduction in the global burden of malaria morbidity and mortality.  The program is attempting to build national and local capacities and strengthen health systems to accelerate scale-up for prevention and treatment programs addressing malaria in pregnancy and community case management in children under five.  It is working an angle of providing countries holistic support that addresses malaria across the health continuum of care—from household to community to facility and, finally, at policy level.  Integration allows for cost effectives ways to fight more than one health concern within a population and in areas where there is a heavy need for malaria treatment and prevention as well as maternal and child health, integration simply makes sense.  This program is a wonderful example of how integration can lead to better health outcomes with proven and effective malaria prevention and treatment measures such as: insecticide-treated mosquito nets, indoor residual spraying, lifesaving antimalarial drugs, and treatment to prevent malaria in pregnant women.  [i]