Integrated Care: A Guide for Policymakers

While health policy researchers, practitioners and policymakers are increasingly referring to the need to introduce ‘integrated care’ into health policies, the term still remains vague for all too many. What is to be integrated when it comes to care and why? What are the advantages of integrated care and what parts of the population benefit in particular? How can health systems change to accommodate integrated care approaches? What must policymakers and practitioners understand if they to try to change the acute care paradigm to one that offers a veritable integration of health and social care services?  “Integrated Care: A Guide for Policymakers” is a useful tool for policymakers interested in gaining an overview of the issues related to integrated care.While the booklet focuses on European countries, it is also useful for a broader global audience of health system managers and innovators. It is hoped that it will stimulate further discussions and action in this growing and important area of concern.

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Lloyd, J. & Wait, S.