Integrated Approaches for Non-Communicable Diseases and Tobacco Control

Here, we look to the mounting challenge of non-communicable disease (NCD) control and the roles that the tobacco control community can play in the burgeoning global NCD movement. Central to this commentary is whether ‘lessons learnt’ from tobacco control can foreshorten the NCD pandemic and whether the global tobacco control community can become a platform for broader global NCD activity. While our experience in tobacco control provides some lessons that extend to NCD control, there are distinct challenges in bringing approaches from the more focused domain of tobacco control to the diffuse and poorly bounded domain of NCD control. Nonetheless, we propose that in many places the tobacco control community needs to engage more broadly in disease prevention and bring its strategies, experience and enthusiastic advocacy to encompass a broader global NCD movement. Such engagement could become a ‘win’ for the tobacco control community and a ‘win’ for NCD control.

University of Southern California
Wipfli, H. et al.