Examples of Integration from PCI

Project Concern International has been a leader in the field of health and development integration for many years.  In this section you will find examples of integrated works that PCI has been developing, implementing, and calling on others for similar actions.  One initiative found here is 'Links for Life', a strategy that aims to promote integrated HIV/AIDS and Food and Nutrition Security programming.  In  doing  so, it  helps  to  address  the  causes  and  consequences  of  HIV/AIDS  and  food  and nutrition insecurity in ways that are far more likely to be effective  and sustainable than typical, single-stream efforts.  'Links for Life' has evolved as a direct response to the priorities identified by practitioners from across  the  globe  at  the  PCI-hosted  Africa  Forum  2006:  The  Dual  Epidemics  of HIV/AIDS and Food Insecurity.   The Africa Forum in 2006 brought together 221 public health and development practitioners to  share  experiences  in  HIV and Food Security and Nutrition programming.  The goal was both to strengthen collective programmatic efforts towards integration, as well as to inform policy decisions based on ‘frontline’ realities.  Similarly, the Africa Forum 2009:  Sharing Integrated Solutions to HIV and Food and Nutrition Insecurity was held in Malawi in 2009.  The forum was a practitioner-led, non-academic conference on the integration of these issues.  Attended by 170 people from 18 sub-Saharan African countries,it was meant as an inter-country sharing experience to improve skills and knowledge in integrated programming and to facilitate the scaling-up of promising interventions.  See links below for resources.