Creating and Maintaining Partnerships for Integration

Creating partnerships and collaboration between organizations or groups, whether they be other  NGOs in the community, local clinics and hospitals, or other groups working towards the same cause, is critical for integration to be successful .  This section describes the process of creating healthy partnerships by working collectively to identify the issues of greatest concern, according to the community, and developing the shared vision and mission for the partnership in order to achieve maximum integration.

  • Invite community stakeholders to meet and share their ideas and concerns for the community and other individuals or organizations in the community that have insight into health conditions, risk factors, and social and/or environmental resources.  These stakeholders could be faith-based organizations, local businesses, the  local government, other advocacy groups, etc.
  • Describe who each organization is and why a partnership is needed to achieve the common goals of integration.  Request for all participating stakeholders to meet in a designated meeting space to engage in a discussion on planning an agenda.  Together, create a set of ground rules, to ensure the meeting and future meetings run smoothly, however be prepared to deal with some conflict, as it is most likely inevitable.
  • As a group, decide if forming the partnership would be beneficial to all involved and the community by outlining the partnership’s shared vision and mission.  In developing this partnership, remember to acknowledge and honor each organizations’ agendas, develop mutual trust and respect, reinforce shared leadership, and encourage upstream thinking and action.

See reference for this section below as well as a document created by PCI called PCI's 5 Principals of Partnership, useful when developing partnerships for successful integration.