Developed for program designers, managers, policy makers, service providers, and others who are interested in more integrated approaches, this toolkit focuses on new integration ideas, existing linkages, lessons learned and promising practices.  Our hope is that this toolkit will help you design, implement, manage, evaluate and support even greater integrated programming in the communities that you serve.

This toolkit serves as a guide for implementing integrated services and/or interventions into communities.  The sections are divided into defining what integration is, integration frameworks, tools to get started, challenges and recommendations for integration, and an extensive list of already existing examples of integration for reference.  Simply click on the tabs at the right to see each subsection of the sections and follow the links to the resources.

Please feel free to adapt any of the tools included in this toolkit.  We only ask that you credit the source.  In addition, please let us know if and how you are using this information and provide us with feedback and/or suggested revisions and additions.  We envision this online toolkit as just the start of needed dialogue and sharing of experiences and approaches related to integration and definitely a ‘work in progress’. 

Toolkit created by Senior Vice President for Programs for Project Concern International, Janine Schooley, MPH along with the help of PCI interns Kristen Kolleda and Samantha Kraft.