Health and Development Programming Integration Toolkit

Integration is a concept that is often used but seldom achieved.  The nature of health and development funding and focus on specialty expertise is often at odds with the need to integrate services and/or interventions at ground level.

PCI, under the auspices of CORE’s HIV/AIDS Working Group, has therefore developed a Health and Development Programming Integration Toolkit designed to pull together in one, user-friendly place, as many resources, tools, ideas and recommendations on integration as possible.

This Health and Development Programming Integration Toolkit is an online publication within a larger set of health and development toolkits produced by the USAID-supported Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project managed by Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs.  The website,, includes many other more specialized toolkits on specific integrations.

This toolkit was created to serve as a compilation of practical information and resources pertaining to integration in the field of international health and development.  It provides an overall taxonomy of integration and attempts to be as comprehensive as possible in its approach to tools and resources in support of integrated programming worldwide.  Our online resources therefore represents the dynamic collaboration that CORE exemplifies, while supplementing a practical and evolving “how-to” guide on the broader aspects of integration.

The majority of the information included in this toolkit reflects the research, case studies and tools that have been developed and that represent the “best practices” of integration known thus far.  We believe these materials are applicable to multiple populations, cultures and developing public health infrastructures.  However, we encourage everyone to keep in mind that integration techniques are still evolving and that certainly not every model or approach will fit every single community’s individual needs.  Obviously the process of integration should be tailored to individual organizations, environments, and needs.

To contribute additional information, suggest new resources, or provide general feedback to the integration toolkit page, please make use of our feedback form. If you are looking for a particular publication, please use the site map or type the title in the search box on the right side of the page. For more details about this Toolkit, please visit the About link.



Toolkit last updated: March 13, 2014