Supportive Policies

Family planning programs need high-level support to operate successfully. Supportive policies, statutes, and regulations, at both the national and operational level, lay groundwork for family planning service delivery. Operational policies—also known as “service delivery policies”—are the link between national policy and service delivery performance. While national policies often describe what should be done, operational policies often explain how it should be done and establish systems for delivering services. Advocacy efforts with a focus on the benefits of family planning can build political will, support, and commitment to high quality family planning service delivery.

This section of the Toolkit contains both audio and video interviews with family planning experts discussing the importance of supportive government policies to the success of family planning programs as well as a range of tools and resources for family planning policy making.

To access a wealth of family planning advocacy materials, please visit the Family Planning Advocacy Toolkit, whicih includes a wealth of information on family planning policy.

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