Leadership & Management

Leadership and management have been described as two sides of the same coin: Each is equally essential for any organization to achieve its purpose. Often program managers play the roles of both leader and manager. The vision and innovation of strong leaders and advocates help lay a strong foundation for family planning programs. Leaders use creative thinking and innovation to build an overall vision for their programs, and they inspire others to make the changes needed to realize that vision. Managers deal with day-to-day complexities, such as planning and organizing resources to achieve objectives, implementing activities, problem-solving, and monitoring and evaluating progress.

Strong leadership and good management help programs improve and expand services, scale up best practices, and navigate change. Many tools are available to help managers, supervisors and others organize and run a program to ensure a smooth and efficient operation. These include opportunities for training and professional development, assessment tools and strategies for quality improvement, guidance on organizing programs for maximum effectiveness, and tools for supervision.

To browse a more comprehensive collection of resources relevant to leadership and management, please visit the Leadership and Management Toolkit. The Leadership and Management Toolkit provides evidence-based guidance and tools to update, expand, or develop leadership and management skills in health managers and service provision programs.

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