Interviews with Family Planning Experts

This series of audio and video interviews with family planning experts speaks to the importance of integrating family planning with other reproductive and child health services. Interviewees highlight both the benefits and challenges to integrating services, as well as the importance of offering organized and comprehensive family planning and reproductive health services due to the difficulties patients encounter when seeking out services.

For example, Dr. Heidi Reynolds, a Senior Research Associate for FHI, talks about the integration of family planning services with HIV services. Dr. Duff Gillespie of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health also addresses integration wtih HIV/AIDS services and discusses the difficulties of achieving appropriate HIV/AIDS integrated service programs, such as voluntary testing with family planning, due to lack of evidence and documentation. Dr. Habib Sadauki, Senior Reproductive Health and Family Planning Advisor at Pathfinder International, provides examples of opportune times to integrate health and education services and the multiple benefits that come with program integration within the community setting.