Interviews with Family Planning Experts

This series of video interviews with family planning experts focuses on the importance of monitoring and evaluation and research in family planning programming. Dr. Jane Bertrand, Director of Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, talks about monitoring and evaluation as an important component to successful family planning programs and describes some of her own experiences in monitoring and evaluating family planning programs. Dr. Sian Curtis, Director of USAID’s MEASURE Evaluation Program, talks about the purpose and importance of monitoring and evaluation and discusses some of the barriers that are faced in program  implementation, such as resources, time and staffing, and the importance of planning ahead when implementing a monitoring and evaluation system.

Additionally, Dr. Joe Speidel of the Bixby Center for Global and Reproductive Health at UCSF talks about his entry into the field of family planning and how relatively quick of an effect family planning has in reducing fertility and population growth once family planning is invested in (examples including the U.S. and many developing countries). Dr. John Townsend, Vice President and Director of the Population Council's Reproductive Health Program, talks about the importance of listening to clients and shaping programs around their needs.