Elements of Family Planning Success Toolkit

What elements are needed to make family planning programs successful? Health care professionals around the world have identified the top 10 essential components that program managers, policy makers, service providers, and others can focus on to make their efforts a success. Some 500 survey respondents from 98 countries made suggestions as to what are the most important and challenging elements of a successful family planning program. Another 280 health care professionals from 60 countries discussed the findings of the survey online. K4Health staff organized the findings into 10 categories.

The 10 elements of family planning success include:

These elements are on the navigation tabs on the right side of this page and throughout the toolkit. Use the tabs to view lists of resources that you can download, adapt, and use in your work.

This toolkit contains more than two dozen audio and video interviews with family planning experts, up-to-date background and reference materials, job aids and other tools, PowerPoint presentations, books, manuals, briefs, case studies, fact sheets, newsletters, pamphlets, posters, project reports, reviews, and teaching and training materials. Resources listed are from more than 80 organizations.

If you have an experience to share about family planning programming, we invite you to tell us about it through the feedback form, where you can also suggest new resources. To find out if a resource has already been included in this toolkit, type the title in the search box. For more information about this toolkit and other K4Health toolkits, please click on About.  

Contraceptive Options

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Toolkit last updated: April 19, 2018