Integration of FP into HIV/AIDS programs, such as voluntary counseling and testing, helps prevent mother to child transmission and increases access to FP services. Both HIV/AIDS and FP share a common client base who need access to protection from STIs and pregnancy prevention.

Dual Protection

Dual protection is a strategy to protect against unwanted pregnancies and STI/HIV infection. This can be done through:

  • Consistent use of condoms alone (male or female) for both purposes
  • Use of condoms plus another FP method or emergency contraception, referred to as dual method use
  • Avoidance of sex at risk for STI/HIV infection through mutual monogamy between uninfected partners combined with a FP method
  • Avoidance of sex at risk for both STI/HIV infection and unintended pregnancy through avoiding all penetrative sex and (for youth) delaying sexual debut

Key FP–HIV Integration Resources: