Family Planning Methods

FP programs should offer as many different modern FP methods as programmatically feasible and refer clients to service providers offering other services. The FP methods that are offered by a program will depend upon:

  • The availability of different FP methods in the country
  • Policies governing how these methods can be distributed
  • The level of commitment to expanding method choice, including the availability of both short- and long-term methods, and to making non-hormonal methods available
  • The resources needed to deliver the services: the level and training of staff, the availability of essential equipment, and the practice of minimum infection prevention activities required to support the delivery of some methods (e.g., injectables, implants, IUDs, and voluntary sterilization)

Familiarity, at least with the methods available in a program area, is fundamental for working on a FP intervention in order to maximize uptake and continuation. In some situations, it may be necessary to improve counseling of clients on side effects and misconceptions of specific methods.

For more summary information on FP methods, refer to the chart found in Annex A. In addition, Annex B includes information on FP methods that may be safely used at different stages post-partum, which is presented in a chart developed by the ACCESS FP project. 

Key FP Method Resources: