Family Planning Integration

Program integration is when two or more services are provided through a single platform. Some integrated programs offer two services as one coordinated and combined service. An example is the addition of FP to an existing health program as a way to improve quality of services, increase the method mix, expand access to FP services, or make services affordable or convenient to clients. Alternatively, FP can be integrated into non-health program such as environmental protection, water and sanitation, or micro-enterprise. FP integration with health and non-health sector programs offers an opportunity to enhance the work of other activities and interventions. It also capitalizes on existing programs and expands service delivery into underserved geographical areas.

When considering whether to integrate FP into a program you should:

  • Identify a service entry point that will reach the appropriate target audience with a minimum of effort and will benefit both interventions, not just one.
  • Identify training, management support, and commodities that are needed at all levels to ensure quality service delivery
  • Calculate the costs and determine all resources needed to provide the additional service.
  • Determine the impact of the new intervention on the existing program.

Developing linkages and partnerships is another way to strengthen quality programming, access to services, and demand for FP services. If one of these program areas is weak, the overall FP program will be incomplete and ineffective. In this situation, the program should identify a local partner or collaborators with the capacity and willingness to fill the gap and round out the program. Examples of potential partners for FP include local NGOs, the ministry of health, the ministry of education, United Nations agencies such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), other donors, international PVO/NGOs, and community organizations. By developing and nurturing these partnerships, not only are services improved, but there are also opportunities for increasing the scale, increasing ownership, attracting additional resources, ensuring that all elements are more fully addressed, and improving sustainability.

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