Abbreviations and Acronyms

Family Planning TRM

CBFP            Community-Based Family Planning

CHW             Community Health Worker

COCs            Comprehensive Oral Contraceptives

CORE           Child Survival Collaborations and Resources Group

CSHGP        Child Survival and Health Grants Program

CYP              Couple-Years of Protection

DHS              Demographic and Health Survey

DMPA           Depo-Provera/Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate

ECP              Emergency Contraceptive Pills

FP                 Family Planning

HTSP           Health Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies

IUD               Intrauterine Device

KPC              Knowledge Practices and Coverage Survey

LAM              Lactational Amenorrhea Method

LAPM           Long Acting and Permanent Methods

M&E             Monitoring and Evaluation

MCHIP        Mother and Child Health Integrated Project

MDGs          Millennium Development Goals

MIYCN        Maternal, Infant, and Young Child Nutrition

NGO            Nongovernmental Organization

PAC            Postabortion Care

PID              Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PPFP          Postpartum Family Planning

POPs          Progestin-Only Pills

PVO            Private Voluntary Organization

SBCC         Social and Behavior Change Communication

SDM           Standard Days Method

STI              Sexually Transmitted Infection

TFR            Total Fertility Rate

TRM           Technical Reference Material

UNFPA      United Nations Population Fund

USAID       United States Agency for International Development

WHO          World Health Organization

WRA          Women of Reproductive Age