Family Planning Technical Reference Materials

The Technical Reference Materials (TRMs) are a product of the Bureau for Global Health, Office of Health, Infectious Diseases and Nutrition Child Survival and Health Grants Program USAID/GH/HIDN/Child Survival and Health Grants Program (CSHGP). This document was co-produced by the Flexible Fund USAID/GH/PRH/Flexible Fund. It is a guide (not an authority) to help you think through your ability and needs in choosing to implement a family planning project or a family planning component of an integrated health project. An attempt has been made to keep the language simple to encourage translation for use as a field document.

The TRMs are organized into modules that correspond to the primary technical areas and key crosscutting areas that are central to the Child Survival and Health Grants Program. Each module is designed to reflect the essential elements to be considered when implementing the given intervention or strategy and important resources that grantees should consult when planning their interventions. Grantees are encouraged to download the modules that are most relevant to their proposed programs. The TRMs presently include the following modules:

Technical Areas

Maternal and Newborn Care



Pneumonia and Diarrheal Disease Prevention and Control


Crosscutting Areas

Social and Behavior Change

Quality Improvement

Monitoring and Evaluation

Health System Strengthening

The TRMs are periodically reviewed and updated with input from technical specialists in the USAID Collaborating Agency community, Child Survival Collaborations and Resources (CORE) Working Groups, and USAID technical staff. We ask that users of this document inform us of its usefulness, information that should be amended or changed, any suggested additions and subtractions, and general comments. This will help us keep the modules up to date and responsive to your needs. Please send comments related to this module and any (electronic) translated copies to the Maternal Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP) at

MCHIP is grateful for the many contributions and reviews by staff of the different offices of the Bureau of Global Health, and many of their collaborating agencies, the CORE Working Groups, and most of all to our private voluntary organization (PVO)/nongovernmental organization (NGO) partners who continue to use these guides and provide valuable insight on how to improve them.

New Additions to the Family Planning Module

The 2013 Family Planning module was revised as follows:

  • The healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies messages were updated.
  • The Family Planning Integration section was expanded to include immunization, nutrition, postabortion care, and primary health care programs.
  • New sections were added on:
  1. Postpartum family planning (PPFP)
  2. Social and behavior change communication (SBCC)
  3. Training
  4. Monitoring and evaluation
  5. Advocacy
  6. Engaging faith-based organizations and faith leaders
Toolkit last updated: October 17, 2013