Global Contraceptive Commodity Gap Analysis

This edition of Global Contraceptive Commodity Gap Analysis 2018 (CGA 2018) is the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition’s fourth report to highlight disparities between the growing demand for family planning services and the resource base required to provide the supplies on which services depend. 
In this edition of the CGA, we follow the broad outlines set out in 2016. We project growth in contraceptive use along each country’s historical trajectory and revisit the four key questions. We also, for the first time, probe more deeply into the division between the public and private sectors. We draw on updated data from the diverse sources we used last year, and introduce entirely new data – particularly data on private sector pricing and procurement. We also reflect, in a more nuanced way, the implications of declining public sector funding for the role of the private sector, in terms of the latter’s absorptive capacity, equity, and contraceptive availability. One- and two-page “snapshots” for individual countries and groups of countries are also provided.
In addition, the interactive dashboard provides access to estimates that contribute to - but are not published in - the CGA 2018 report. 
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